Meagan Blews,
2016 Challenge Winner

“I was going to the gym consistently for a few months prior to the challenge, and making a little (very little) progress. I knew I would do better with accountability and felt the challenge was the perfect opportunity. This whole journey has been as much about the inner transformation as it has the outer. As some of you can probably relate, with my weight struggle came feelings of shame, inadequacy, guilt etc. It has been a lifetime struggle for me, but when I looked in the faces of my husband and my little boy and girl I knew it had to change. I'm not sure I can adequately express how my trainer Herbie Proctor and team Debbie Mangum, Amy Thomson Folkerts, Heather Smith Brameyer, Meghan Lee Blue have impacted that journey. The encouragement, camaraderie, accountability, and genuine support have allowed for more internal healing and external results than I possibly could have imagined and I'm so incredibly thankful. And it was no doubt orchestrated by God who knew my deepest needs. I have been empowered by my trainer and team, by the other challenge members and trainers I've met, by the classes and resources we've been given, and all the smiling faces I see at the gym regularly. I'm out of my comfort zone and loving every minute of it...even spin class and trying to run a 10min mile. Where I'm at now is I'm a little closer to whole on the inside....and maybe even looking a little better on the outside. Thank you for the opportunity! Love to you all!"


Susan Beasley,
2016 Challenge Winner

"I made a decision the first of the year that it was time for change. The last 5 years (separation and divorce) have been about keeping things together, and now it was time for me.

 I knew I needed the accountability of this challenge to keep me going. The challenge made me step out of my comfort zone with exercises I didn't think I could do and classes I wouldn't of normally taken. I have been sore and frustrated but never given up due to the support of the individual instructors.

 I am no where near where I want to be, but I am closer than I was when I started."


Kevin Richmeier,
2015 Challenge Winner

“I have struggled with weight loss pretty much all of my life.  In the past, I tried a number of diets and exercise programs, which always worked for a short time.  However, my weight always crept back up.  The ClubWorx New Year, New You Challenge was my last attempt at losing weight before investigating weight loss surgery, and it worked!  I am still working on losing more weight and it is not easy, but anything worth fighting for is never easy.”



Kristine Vondervor,
2014 Challenge Winner

"The New Year Weight Loss Challenge has surpassed my expectations. I went into this hoping to lose a few pounds and become comfortable going to the gym and step out of my comfort zone to attend an exercise class or two. What I have come away with are the tools to help me live a healthier lifestyle and how to manage my time for the gym while managing a family and working full time. The group workouts provided a great dynamic to share and learn, provide support, and encouragement of each other. The weekly check kept me accountable and focused on journey. For the first time in a long time, I feel in control and this challenge has given me the motivation, encouragement and tools to focus on healthier living. As I’ve reached little milestone throughout this journey, I am amazed at the strength and confidence I have developed in my ability. Where in the past, I would say, "I can’t do that, my body won’t let me”, now I say, "Yes, lets’ do this and keep trying until we are successful!” Our trainer, Heather Murphy is amazing! She is so positive and supportive. But don’t let that sweet smile fool you, she enjoys pushing and working us hard, proving to us that we can do it! Thank you to Heather and my team for making this an amazing experience! When is the next challenge!



Julie Trevisan,
2013 Challenge Winner

"Participating in the Fitness Challenge at ClubWorx, along with Healthy Wage, was the perfect way to re-invent myself and bring back my enthusiasm for going to the gym.  The weekly group training sessions and being held accountable on a daily/weekly basis kept me focused. And who doesn’t want to get paid for losing weight? After hitting my goal at the 6 month mark, $150 was deposited into my Paypal account. What could be easier?"

Michelle Gray

"The New Year, New You Challenge has certainly been a life changing experience.  For the first time in my life, I feel like I have the tools to be successful in my weight loss efforts. With past  attempts, I would either diet and not exercise, or exercise and not watch my food intake. The nutritional workshops at ClubWorx provided me with the knowledge and tools for healthy eating, as well as how best to use them to fuel my body before and after workouts. In addition, through the weekly group training session, I have gained knowledge and confidence from using the gym equipment. It's a combination of these and the support of my AMAZING trainer, Kathy, who constantly pushed me to limits I never would imagined, that I was able to begin this transformation. I am forever grateful to Kathy for the time and dedication she's provided in setting me up for success!"


Tiffany Taylor

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Kate! What a great experience this has been. This is an awesome program for anyone wanting to lose weight or just change up their routine. The group dynamic was really motivating. I tried classes and moves I would never do on my own (BodyAttack & flipping tires)! Thank you Kate & my YaYa’s!"

Barbara Hackney

"In June 2012, I joined ClubWorx and had a personal assessment session with Megan Bidwell, Personal Trainer.  We talked about my reasons for joining - which was to lose weight and to began a workout program which would help me feel better both physically and emotionally. Megan knew how unhappy I was with my weight being 207. She encouraged me every session, even by email. She made me feel that I could meet my goal of 170 by diet, weight and cardio training. She worked every inch of my body and the weight began to come off.  As of this date, I have lost a total of 23 lbs."

Sandra Vaughan

"Molly's ability to convey her expert knowledge of nutrition and exercise has allowed me to completely get off blood pressure medication. This may not sound like a lot to most people, but to me this has been life-changing. I come from a family of people with medical issues, including diabetes brought on by weight gain. I literally cried when the doctor said I had lost enough weight and improved my health to the point that medication was no longer needed. Clubworx and Molly Land are to be thanked for improving the quality of my life."

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