Remember that moment when you learned to ride a bike?

When everything just “clicked” and you took off?

That’s exactly what yoga arm balances are like!

They are such a fun addition to yoga classes, but there is rarely enough time to work through them.  If you’ve wanted to learn more about these strength building poses, now is your chance! In this workshop, Jenny will help you learn some arm balance fundamentals, lead you through a gentle yoga class, and then help you practice moving into a few of these poses (based on your level of practice). This is going to be a very FUN workshop.

Lots of time to ask questions and to practice “riding your bike” safely.  And what’s even better?  You can bring a friend who is not a member of Clubworx! 

Questions? Contact Deanna

join us Sunday, april 24

Members: $15 •
Non-Members: $25

Jenny Parton, Yoga Instructor

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