Maddie Grace

Maddie Grace, NASM™ Certified Personal Trainer

My name is Magdalena Grace, but most people know me as Maddie. I have been in love with “movement” for all my life as far back as I can remember, and from what I’m told, even before that!

As a young teenager I became increasingly aware of how many people struggle with their self-worth in respect to their appearance. I also began to understand that people often put an emphasis on appearance above genuine health. I determined that I wanted to do something to change that for as many people as I can, so I decided to become a personal trainer and am blessed to have found my “calling” at such a young age. I have discovered that faith doesn’t make things easy, yet it does make all things possible!

Along my journey I have accomplished various personal fitness-related goals, like biking up one of the highest summits in the Eastern US at 15 years old, after training daily for over 2 years to accomplish that dream. I have enjoyed hiking most of my life and completed one of the most difficult hikes in the Appalachian Mountain Trail system with my family at 14 years old, after 5 years of working towards that goal. Summiting continues to be a passion of mine. Strength training is also something I have become quite passionate about, yet I understand that balance is needed in the pursuit of fitness for optimal health to be achieved.

Additionally, I realize the importance of remaining teachable and continuing my education in order to provide the most trustworthy guidance possible. Therefore I am committed to the pursuit of additional specialty certifications so I can maintain a point of expertise in developing programs that are the best for my clients. Practice doesn’t in fact make perfect, it makes permanence, so it’s vital to practice perfectly.

Recognizing that every individual is unique in their body chemistry, their personality and their goals, I am committed to getting to know you and listening to you; as I develop programs for each client’s individual needs while encouraging you to achieve them, no matter what it takes!

I am dedicated to “complete” health, body, mind and spirit, and take great joy in helping others achieve their fitness goals! I believe that a healthy lifestyle should indeed be a priority, but doesn’t need to be a chore. Working out can be, and should be, a blast! We will have a great time working together to accomplish your fitness goals and change your life for the better, forever!

Personal Mission Statement: To always maintain an attitude of gratitude; and to give, humbly and sincerely. It’s what I desire to do best and commit to learning to do better each and every day.

Certifications: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer

Interests: Faith & Family, Health & Fitness, (Obviously 🙂 Sea & Summit, Missions, Singing, Art

Email: magdalenagrace7@yahoo.com
Tel.: 919-567-3400