Fundamentals is a series of introductory small group training classes offered to new and existing club members that may be a little hesitant to jump right in. Fundamentals is an introduction to the following:


This is the opportunity for members to get comfortable in all areas of the gym over an 8-week period and meet others who are also learning about all that we offer at ClubWorx! Complete all 10 different sessions and get a discount on small group programs!

Mind-Body/BodyFlow: This class is designed to help you become familiar with basic fundamental postures, breathing techniques, and proper alignment you will see in most mind & body classes. Instructors will also discuss the differences in our classes so you have an insight on what to expect for each. If you've been curious about bodyflow, yoga or barre body, but are intimidated walking into a class, this intro will give you the confidence you need to grab a mat and take a class! *Class size limited to 15.

BodyPump: BodyPump is a whole-body strength class where you will do exercises in a predictable sequence with fun, energizing music. In this class, you’ll learn the basic moves used regularly in BodyPump, and then we’ll spend the rest of our time doing about 20-30 minutes of a sample class. It’s a great way to kick up your metabolism! *Class size limited to 20.

CX/Core: During core week, we offer two similar, but slightly different sessions. During CX Fundamentals, we will focus on the basic moves used in Les Mills CXWORX, a 30 minute core class. Exercises incorporate all of the muscles between your shoulders and knees that are essential to efficient and safe movement throughout your daily life routine. Our Core Fundamentals class will focus on exercises that will be commonly found in classes such as CX Worx, as well as demonstrations of other exercises you will be able to incorporate into your own workouts. You will leave with plenty of options to choose from to build your core! (Intro class will still be approximately an hour.) *Class size limited to 20.

Cycle/Sprint/RPM: This class is designed to help you become familiar with basic fundamentals of using a stationary bike, proper seat height, form when pedaling & hovering. We will get your bike set up & then go for a 30 minute ride. Instructors will also discuss the differences in our stationary bike classes so you have an insight on what to expect for each. After this class you will be able to walk into the stationary bike classes with confidence! *Class size limited to 10.

Strength: This class is made to be a refresher of the gym floor. Focus will be primarily based on using strength equipment properly and approaches on how to plan a strength workout. Instructors will show various exercises that target each muscle group, leaving you with various options for each. By the end of class, you should feel completely confident to hit the weights! *Class size limited to 8.

Cardio: Our introductory cardio class will re-visit the fundamentals of our cardio equipment and take you through a small workout on each piece of equipment. We will go over topics such as RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) and how to find your target heart rate while doing cardio workouts. You will leave feeling more knowledgeable on how to take your cardio workouts to their full potential! *Class size limited to 15.

A word from a happy member...

"I wanted to say thank you for making the Fundamentals classes available. I didn't see the notice about the classes until after the first week, so missed the yoga class, and had the aquatics class cancelled due to the ice storm, but have attended all of the other sessions. I've really gotten a lot out of the classes and most likely would not have just jumped into a regular class without the Fundamentals introduction. All of the instructors have been patient, professional, and obviously dedicated to their work. As an example, Paige had just two participants in last night's HIIT class, but she still delivered with a level of enthusiasm as if she had a full class of students. I was a bit disappointed to see your message today that the Fundamentals classes have been cancelled due to a lack of participation - it's too bad that lots of other folks did not take advantage of the opportunity. Anyway, many thanks for putting these classes together and making them available to those of us who have not previously participated in group classes. Much appreciated!" - Bill

These classes are FREE, so take advantage & bring a friend or family member

For more information contact Julie Hill