Navigating Nutrition
through the Holiday Season

A full guide to being successful, not obsessive, this holiday season

The average American reports on average gaining about 8 pounds through the holiday season. Many have the hope to take this off as the “new year resolution” kicks in, but often times this is not the case. Though weight gain is not always a bad thing, it can have long-last health effects, hurt your mental health, and have you feeling sluggish. Aside from the weight gain aspect of holiday eating, there also brings the concern of food allergies and intolerances, the burden of cooking meals that will please everyone, the stress of diet talk and body talk around the table, and holding ourselves accountable to get in the nutrients we need to thrive each day. Through this online program, you will gain the skills and mindset needed to conquer this holiday season with confidence while keeping your priorities in line, your favorite foods close by, and maybe even take a few new skills into our everyday life even after the holidays are over.

6 short video courses covering the following topics along with an outline for each:

  1. An overview
  2. Building your plate
  3. Conquering desserts and treats
  4. Staying consistent with movement
  5. Navigating hunger cues
  6. Managing special dietary needs

4 handouts covering the following topics:

  1. Water intake tips and tricks
  2. Managing diet talk and body talk
  3. Navigating intuitive drinking when it comes to alcoholic beverages
  4. Non-food based traditions to bring your family and friends closer together
Clubworx Peanut Butter Banana-Smoothie recipe

5 easy and healthy comfort food recipes to try at home:

  1. A warm winter salad that is loaded with plant powered protein and tons of flavor
  2. A peppermint mocha protein shake that even your Starbucks drink can’t top
  3. Sweet potato brownies that are so fudgy, no one will think twice about the hidden boost of vitamin A
  4. Overnight oats in two flavors- apple pie and pumpkin pie– that are loaded with fiber and make the perfect breakfast or afternoon pick me up
  5. Homestyle mashed potato bowls with all the works- corn, mashed potatoes, and gravy- that is lower in calories, high in fiber, and skips on all the fat in your usual gravy


Holiday Nutrition


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