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Geared to ALL FITNESS LEVELS, this class runs for 6 WEEKS and includes everything you need to reboot your lifestyle, improve and change your health - from SMALL GROUP TRAINING SESSIONS, to AT-HOME WORKOUTS, GOAL SETTING, FOOD LOGGING with feedback and an INTRO NUTRITION SEMINAR!

Signing up for the Lifestyle Challenge has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I did my first Challenge in April 2017, and I officially joined the following December. Before signing up for the Challenge I did my workouts on my own. I had no idea what I was doing or why I was doing it, I just came to the gym and did pretty much the same routine day after day after day. VERY BORING!

On my way in one day I noticed a flyer on the main door advertising the 6-week Challenge so I stopped and read it and immediately thought it would be fun and beneficial, but at the same time said to myself, “you can’t do that”, “have you lost your mind”. I passed that sign and many others like it until I couldn’t go another day without signing up and it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself. I absolutely loved it and love it still. The class lives up to its name, it’s a challenge but a good one, in that, not only has it transformed how I feel, it has proven to me that I can do things I never thought possible.

When I first walked through those doors I was as clueless as they come, excited and nervous. Thankfully there we two others there as well and the three of us along with Josh set off on a Lifestyle Challenge adventure. We started at square one of course and learned the basics about lifting weights, why lifting weights is good for us, what it does for our bodies. We weighed, measured, talked about nurturing our bodies with good foods. We bounced ideas off one another, we drowned in our sweat and tears and became like a little family. We encouraged one another and cheered each other on as we set and met personal goals. I’ve never felt judged or looked down upon for my lack of athletic ability or appearance. What I have felt and received is acceptance and encouragement. I’ve gone from Josh literally getting on the floor until I understood how to do a bear crawl and how to make sure I have a straight back before picking up the barbell to participating in the CrossFit Open and setting PR’s. I can run a lap around the gym without having to stop. I know what a deadlift is. I know I would rather do burpees than pushups. There are even jump ropes in the back corner. I’ve even lost some weight and inches and I know with continued patience and perseverance I’ll continue to reach the goals I desire.

Most important, all of the coaches here are outstanding. They love what they are doing and they want to share it with you.


Members $175/person, $300/same household couple
Non-Members $225/person, $399/same household couple


Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:45am

Hurry, only 20 spaces left!

For more information contact Josh Broome



3 sessions with a trainer and 3 at-home workouts
WEEK 1: includes a baseline workout, goal-setting, measurements, PLUS food logging with feedback, and an introductory nutrition seminar
WEEK 3: includes a progressing nutrition seminar geared towards each participant’s specific goals
WEEK 6: concludes with post measurements and continuing nutrition seminar “how to stay on track”

Workouts are predominately body weight with some kettlebells, slam balls, battle ropes, jump ropes. All exercises can be tailored to your fitness level.