Court Schedule

2022 Court Schedules

Please take note of some procedures/guidelines that need to be followed for the pool to run smoothly and benefit all members. We are working hard to accommodate as many members as we can.

  • All swimmers need to make a reservation to swim. Visit the registration portal to reserve your time. Reservations will be available two weeks in advance.
  • Members should only schedule up to one hour per day in increments of 30 minutes.
  • Spouses & members of the same family can share lanes. Please only reserve one lane for your spouse or family member.
  • Pool lanes are numbered 1-4. Please stay in the lane that you have reserved. If you had to reserve 2 different lanes in order to swim for 1 hour, you will still need to swim in the lane that you have reserved, even if that involves moving out of the lane that you started in.
  • Please do not enter the pool deck until 5 minutes prior to your reserved time to ensure a smooth transition.
  • If you would like to stay in your lane for additional time, and there is not another member waiting to enter the lane, feel free to stay in the lane until the member that reserved the lane arrives. If they are late to their scheduled time, you must get out of the pool when they arrive.
  • Please cancel your lane reservation if you are not going to use it. You can cancel up to two hours prior to the event or by calling the front desk at 919-567-3400.

Wait List

  • If you are trying to reserve a particular time that is booked, add your name to the waitlist of the particular time on all available lanes. This will increase your chances of getting into one.
  • If and when you receive a waitlist email, click book and you will be taken to book your time. Please note, it will email everyone on the wait list and it is first come, first serve who replies to the email first.

For any questions or concerns please contact Amy Smith at

Starting sometime the week of Monday, May 16th, the outdoor pool will open for adult lap swimming. Initially, four lane lines will be available outdoors between the hours of 6:30am-4:00pm Monday through Friday. Once we start to see the need for more reservations, we may open additional lanes. The process to reserve a lane is exactly the same as making a reservation now, you would just have to choose “outdoor pool” for the location. Please note: If you make a reservation outdoors and the temperature drops, you may not swim in the indoor pool if someone already has reserved those lanes.

There will be no recreational or family free swim in the outdoor pool until Saturday, May 28th at 11:00am when it opens for the season. On this date the indoor pool becomes a training pool, and all programs move to the outdoor pool. All rec swim will move outdoors and members 16 years and older can lap swim indoors. Competitive swimmers 15 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

Please reference both the indoor & outdoor pool schedules & policies before coming out to swim.

Starting May 30th, ClubWorx will implement a “cone system” for sharing lap lanes in the indoor pool. All lanes will return to single (not shared) lanes. You may share with a friend or family member but one person must still make a reservation.

The cone system will work as follows:

    • If you’re booked in a lane and DO NOT want to share your lane – please the red cone on top to notify on-deck swimmers.
    • If you booked a lane and are willing to share – please the green cone on top to alert the on-deck swimmers it’s okay to share your lane.

Here are some important tips to know so you can prepare for the outdoor pool season:

  • Upgrade to “Summer Swim” for your family now before you come into swim the first time and have to wait in line! Stop in and see a membership advisor in the month of May to upgrade!
  • If you plan on bringing a child that is not your own, please make sure you are familiar with our guest & age policies. You will also need a guardian waiver signed by the child’s parent on file here at the club. You can find this document here!
  • During the week when it’s lap swimming only, members who wish to sit in the sun are allowed to enter the outdoor pool deck but are not permitted in the pool unless they have a lap lane reserved. There will be no lifeguards or recreational swim during this time.
  • The use of personal toys is allowed. Please no hard balls, only soft splash balls for aquatics. Please do not bring large floats, mermaid tails or water guns. Use of personal noodles & coast guard approved life vest or puddle-jumpers are allowed. Lifeguards reserve the right to remove items from the pool if it impairs their view or the safety of a swimmer.
  • Lifeguards will properly sanitize common areas and tables after members leave the pool area much like a restaurant would sanitize. We have an EPA approved cleaners with a one-minute kill time.
  • Last 10 minutes of the hour will be adult only swim. Anyone 15 years or younger must get out of the pool during this time.
  • Lane lines will be marked on the starting blocks. Please make sure you are swimming in the lane that you have registered for. If you have a question, ask a front desk staff member what lane you reserved upon check-in.
  • Children not potty-trained must wear plastic pants (available at the front desk). Swim diapers are not necessary.
  • The deep end will be closed during all lifeguard trainings, when main drains cannot be seen or when the lifeguards deem it to be unsafe.
  • The outdoor pool will close for swim meets at 4:00pm on June 14, 21 & July 12. Swim team will practice in multiple lanes from 4:30-7:00pm during the week.
  • Glass, smoking, vaping and alcohol are PROHIBITED at ClubWorx.
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