Addendum to Update November 25th

Per the Interim Guidance for Public Pools & Spas from the North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services, “Patrons are
required to wear cloth face coverings when they are not in the pool.” This is great news for all swimmers, water aerobics participants and members doing Physical Therapy in our pools.

Thank you for your cooperation and support in adhering to these mandates until December 11th. What does this mean? All aquatics participants will wear a mask through the club, locker rooms and when entering the pool deck. Please do not take your mask off until you are ready to enter the pool. Best practice would be to bring a small Ziploc bag with you to place your mask on the pool deck while participating in activities so it will be close to put it back on as you exit the pool.

If you would like to read the guidelines you may access it with the following link.

Dear ClubWorx Family,

We wanted to update you about the status of the club after our Governor’s announcement of his current executive order. We are doing all we can to remain open for as long as possible.

Since the onset of COVID-19, ClubWorx has continually adapted programming and protocols to go above and beyond in keeping you safe. Effective Wednesday, November 25th at 5pm, all members & staff will be required to wear a face covering at all times in the club, even while working out.

You will also still have your temperature checked upon entry.

We will work hard to enforce all safety protocols to support the physical, emotional and economic health of you our members, our staff and our community as a whole.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and we appreciate you being a loyal member.

Stay active & stay healthy.
Sam Smith, Owner

Subsection l(C). Requiring Face Coverings if People Are Exercising.
Section 2.4( d) of Executive Order No. 169 is removed.

The following provision is added to Section 2 of Executive Order No. 169:

2.4 A. Face Coverings and Exercise. People must wear Face Coverings while exercising ifthey are either:
• Outdoors and within six ( 6) feet of someone who does not reside in the exercising person’s household; or
• Indoors and not within their own home.

ii. Fitness and Physical Activity Facilities
Section 3.S(b) of Executive Order No. 169 is amended to read:

b. Face Coverings. All workers and Guests must wear Face Coverings when they are inside the establishment, regardless ofwhether they are exercising. The exceptions in Section 2.4 of Executive Order No. 169 (as amended by Executive Order No. 180) apply; however, the exception for people who are strenuously exercising was removed by Executive Order No. 180.


We are committed to ensuring the highest safety standards for our members and our team to return to a clean and safe environment. In doing so, we need your help. Below are a few additions to our Club Rules and Etiquette. Please follow the below guidelines when you visit the club.

In order to make sure we do not go over our club capacity during Phase 2.5, members will need to make online reservations for Group Exercise classes in all studios, the indoor & outdoor pools and the Children’s Center. Please do not come without a reservation as you may not be admitted. More information to follow on reservation process soon.

Studies suggest that COVID-19 may be spread by people who are asymptomatic. Please do not come to the club if you have a fever, a cough, shortness of breath, or even just feel run down. Please don’t take a chance – stay home until you feel better. We will be taking no-touch temperature readings for staff and members as they enter the building. Do not use the club if you have had contact with a person who has or is suspected of having COVID-19.
You must wear a mask at all times in all areas of the club, in common areas as well as while working out, effective November 25th at 5pm. You must agree to comply with all local regulations related to wearing a mask indoors. Please bring your own mask due to supply restrictions.
Please keep 6 feet between yourself and other members or staff while in the clubs. We have labeled the Group Exercise studios with floor stickers to distance participants 8-10 feet apart while working out. Studio 1 can now hold 18 participants and Studio 2 (The Haven) can now hold 10 participants. The Loft Cycle studio has signs on bikes that cannot be used to enforce our physical distancing as well as machines on the cardio deck. Weight room floor equipment has been space appropriately and signs have been hung to remind members about distancing. Please do not move any weight benches or equipment from their place.
Upon entering you will be asked to sanitize your hands. While working out, you will be required to disinfect all equipment before and after use with spray disinfectant in the provided bottles. You will notice more sanitation stations throughout the club to make this convenient for our members.

Cleaning & Sanitization Protocols

All disinfectant products are medical–grade and are shown effective in EPA listings related to COVID and other viruses. We have purchased a cordless fogger mister in order to disinfect large surfaces throughout the day and in the overnight hours when we are closed. In addition, our “Clean Team” will spray all surfaces throughout the club on a nightly basis.

We ask that all members disinfect equipment before and after each use. We have set up disinfectant stations in workout areas which will include wipes, purell, disinfectant spray, and paper towels. The CDC recommends using the sanitizing spray and paper towels over the wipes. Please use wipes sparingly as there is a national shortage and we only have a limited supply until manufacturers produce more to purchase.

All cleaning products have an EPA number. Below are the sanitizers that we are using including one that has a 1 minute kill time even when not wiped down. You can use the following link to obtain information about any cleaner that we or you may use at home!

Purell Surface Sanitzier with One Minute Kill Time – EPA Reg. #84368-1-84150
Diversey Oxivir Tb Sanitizer – EPA Reg. #70627-56

Along with our staff, members will be asked to disinfect all group fitness equipment between classes. In order to make this happen, when classes come back to our schedule we will keep a minimum of 15-20 minutes in between to allow for sanitzation and drying times. All members will be required to sign up online for all group fitness classes. All fitness studios will be stocked with disinfectant stations for members to do their own cleaning as well.

We have placed hand sanitizer dispensers and bottles around the club. Members and staff are required to use sanitizer entering the club and throughout their time in the club. Upon completing a workout, it is recommended that you wash your hands with soap and water.

Membership Billing

Great news! We will not be drafting our members’ dues until October 5th in order to allow everyone to come in and experience the sanitation efforts and safety protocols we have in place. Contact us here if you have any questions about your membership and billing.

ClubWorx has now reopened.

New to the area? Looking for a club? Talk to us, we’ll introduce you to everything ClubWorx has to offer. Tell me about memberships.

Additional information

To ensure the safest possible environment for our members and staff, we will be limiting club hours upon initial reopening. Click here for current hours.

During Phase 2.5 we are allowed to operate at 30% capacity, but we will enformce online reservations is smaller or enclosed areas of the club where it’s more difficult to physical distance from each ohter. In order to make sure we do not go over our club capacity, members will need to make online reservations for Group Exercise classes in all studios, the indoor & outdoor pools and the Children’s Center. Please do not show up to the club without an appointment because we may not be able to allow you in. There is a steep fine for not following State Guidelines.

Starting Monday, September 14th, the showers will reopen and you will be able to use all areas of the locker rooms, bathrooms & changing rooms. The sauna will NOT be available per the state mandate.
We ask that you show up ready to exercise with as little as possible – a sweat towel and water. We will not be providing equipment to borrow such as exercise mats or towels, but encourage you to bring your own. You are welcome to bring such things as your own TRX or basketball. We will not be providing towel service. A small quantity of yoga mats will be available for purchase.

The Children’s Center will have a capacity limit of 30% upon reopening. Members will be asked to make online reservations for your CHILDREN, not the member on the account. Each child has an agreement number and a reservation will need to be made in their name through our member portal. Please try to log in prior to your first visit and ask for assistance if needed.

Per the Governor’s mandate, children 5 years and older are required to wear a face covering.

Temporarily, we will not be allowing drinks or snacks, and we will call you for diaper changes.

Click here for current children’s center hours.

The NC Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) has set specific mandates for ClubWorx (and all gyms) regarding participants of Youth and Amateur Sports Programs, particularly basketball. These protocols need to be followed in order for us to remain open. If masks are not worn properly there could be a fine up to $1000 assessed to the business and the individual. These will be grounds for revoking a membership.

Members who use the ClubWorx Basketball Court must follow these rules:

  • Masks must be worn at all times
  • Physical distance at least 6 feet apart
  • Bring their own basketball or volleyball
  • No pick-up games can be played
  • Only members of one family can shoot per basket
  • Please do not pass balls back and forth if you do not reside in the same household

Personal Training will be available upon opening either in person, outdoors, or virtually. We have been busy creating new programming for the Evolve Performance Training sessions. More details can be found on the Evolve Performance page. During Phase 2.5 we are allowed to operate at 30% capacity, but we will enformce online reservations is smaller or enclosed areas of the club where it’s more difficult to physical distance from each other. You will need to make a reservation with your trainer. If you would like more information regarding training opportunities, please contact our Fitness Director Kyle Bergman at

Members must wear a mask when entering the club, in common spaces and while working out per Governor Cooper’s latest executive order starting on November 25th at 5pm. We ask that you plan to comply with local, state or federal guidelines that state anyone ages 5 years and older must wear a face covering.

We are asking all members to maintain a 6-foot distance between themselves and others in the club. We have added floor stickers six feet apart in our lobby for our check in process and separated equipment. Our staff will help members maintain distance as well. We have added floor stickers 8-10 feet apart in the Group Exercise Studios. Studio 1 can now hold 18 participants, while Studio 2 (The Haven) can hold 10 participants & the cycle studio (The Loft) will have 13 bikes available. You will be required to reigster for classes ahead of time.

Non-member guests are allowed at a rate of $15 per day and must fill out a waiver at the front desk. 18 years & older without a member.
Water fountains will be turned off and not used. We will continue to sell bottled water if you forget to bring your own.
We have done maintenance to all of our air filters and vents at the club. Our large HVAC units provide fresh air exchange throughout the club above and beyond the State code required. We have improved the air exchange and reduced the humidity in The Loft Cycle Studio during the closure to ensure our members are safe when we can come back and ride!

Please take note of some procedures/guidelines that need to be followed for the pool to run smoothly and benefit all members. We are working hard to accommodate as many members as we can with the mandates and restrictions put in place that we must follow.

  • All swimmers need to make a reservation to swim. The indoor pool can only have up to 18 people in the water at one time.
  • Members should only schedule up to one hour per day in increments of 30 minutes.
  • Spouses & members of the same family can share lanes. Please refrain from reserving multiple lanes for a family unit. This will open up swim times for more members.
  • Pool lanes are numbered 1-4. Please stay in the lane that you have reserved. If you had to reserve 2 different lanes in order to swim for 1 hour, you will still need to swim in the lane that you have reserved, even if that involves moving out of the lane that you started in.
  • Please do not enter the pool deck until 5 minutes prior to your reserved time to ensure a smooth transition.
  • If you would like to stay in your lane for additional time, and there is not another member waiting to enter the lane, feel free to stay in the lane until the member that reserved the lane arrives. If they are late to their scheduled time, you must get out of the pool when they arrive.

We know this is a stressful time for everyone as we follow the COVID restrictions, please try to be considerate of other members. Thank you for helping ClubWorx comply with these guidelines. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation & generosity towards each other.
Your ClubWorx Team

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