We are committed to ensuring the highest safety standards for our members and our team to return to a clean and safe environment. In doing so, we need your help. Below are a few additions to our Club Rules and Etiquette. Please follow the below guidelines when you visit the club.

ClubWorx will still be enforcing a capacity limit in some areas of the club that we feel need to be physically distanced in order to protect our members. Members will need to make online reservations for Group Exercise classes in all studios, the indoor & in the Children’s Center. Please do not come without a reservation as you may not be admitted. 

Studies suggest that COVID-19 may be spread by people who are asymptomatic. Please do not come to the club if you have a fever, a cough, shortness of breath, or even just feel run down. Please don’t take a chance – stay home until you feel better. We will be taking no-touch temperature readings for staff and members as they enter the building. 

Upon entering you will be asked to sanitize your hands. While working out, you will be required to disinfect all equipment before and after use with spray disinfectant in the provided bottles. You will notice more sanitation stations throughout the club to make this convenient for our members.

Cleaning & Sanitization Protocols

All disinfectant products are medical–grade and are shown effective in EPA listings related to COVID and other viruses. We have purchased a cordless fogger mister in order to disinfect large surfaces throughout the day and in the overnight hours when we are closed. In addition, our “Clean Team” will spray all surfaces throughout the club on a nightly basis.

We ask that all members disinfect equipment before and after each use. We have set up disinfectant stations in workout areas which will include wipes, purell, disinfectant spray, and paper towels. The CDC recommends using the sanitizing spray and paper towels over the wipes. Please use wipes sparingly as there is a national shortage and we only have a limited supply until manufacturers produce more to purchase.

All cleaning products have an EPA number. Below are the sanitizers that we are using including one that has a 1 minute kill time even when not wiped down. You can use the following link to obtain information about any cleaner that we or you may use at home!

Purell Surface Sanitzier with One Minute Kill Time – EPA Reg. #84368-1-84150
Diversey Oxivir Tb Sanitizer – EPA Reg. #70627-56

Along with our staff, members will be asked to disinfect all group fitness equipment between classes. All fitness studios will be stocked with disinfectant stations for members to do their own cleaning as well

We have placed hand sanitizer dispensers and bottles around the club. Members and staff are required to use sanitizer entering the club and throughout their time in the club. Upon completing a workout, it is recommended that you wash your hands with soap and water.

Additional information

Starting Saturday, May 8th the outdoor pool will also be open for recreational swim during weekends ONLY with the addition of lifeguards. Recreational swim will be open on a first come first served basis and since we still must socially distance there will be a capacity of 100 participants allowed in the pool area at any given time. There is no need to reserve your time at the outdoor pool unless you plan to reserve a lane to lap swim! The outdoor pool will become fully recreational on Saturday, May 29th for the remainder of the season. 

Here are some important things to know so you can prepare:

  • Upgrade to “Summer Swim” for your children now before you get here on the weekend and have to wait! Stop in and see a membership advisor to help you today.
  • If you plan on bringing a child that is not your own, please make sure you are familiar with our guest & age policies. You will also need a guardian waiver signed by the child’s parent on file here at the club. You can find this document here!
  • Please do not share picnic tables with & physical distance at least 6 feet from non-family members.
  • The use of personal toys is allowed. No use of hard balls, only soft splash balls for aquatics. Please do not bring floats, mermaid tails or water guns. Use of personal noodles & coast guard approved life vest or puddle-jumpers are allowed. Lifeguards reserve the right to remove items from the pool.
  • Attendants & lifeguards will properly sanitize after members leave the pool area much like a restaurant would sanitize. We have an EPA approved cleaners with a one-minute kill time. We’ve moved to this system so we will not have to close the pool for intervals of time to clean. Members can enjoy more time at the pool!
  • Last 10 minutes of the hour will be adult only swim. Anyone 15 years or younger must get out of the pool during this time.
  • Lane lines will be marked on the starting blocks. Please make sure you are swmming in the lane that you have registered for. If you have a question, there will be an attendant present to help Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm in the gaurd shack.
  • During the week when it’s lap swimming only, members who wish to sit in the sun are allowed to enter the outdoor pool deck, but are not permitted in the pool unless they have a lap lane reserved. Although the attendant may be a lifeguard they are only there to help clean and sanitize after members leave.
  • Children not potty trained must wear plastic pants (available at the front desk). Swim diapers are not necessary.
  • The deep end well will be closed during all lifeguard trainings, when the main drains cannot be seen or when the lifeguards deem it to be unsafe.

Outdoor Pool Hours:
Lap Swimming Monday-Friday from 6am-4pm
Recreational Swimming Saturday 11am-7pm
Recreational Swimming Sunday 12-6pm

Please take note of some procedures/guidelines that need to be followed for the pool to run smoothly and benefit all members. We are working hard to accommodate as many members as we can.

  • All swimmers need to make a reservation to swim. The indoor pool can only have up to 24 people in the water at one time.
  • Members should only schedule up to one hour per day in increments of 30 minutes.
  • Spouses & members of the same family can share lanes. Please refrain from reserving multiple lanes for a family unit. This will open up swim times for more members.
  • Pool lanes are numbered 1-4. Please stay in the lane that you have reserved. If you had to reserve 2 different lanes in order to swim for 1 hour, you will still need to swim in the lane that you have reserved, even if that involves moving out of the lane that you started in.
  • Please do not enter the pool deck until 5 minutes prior to your reserved time to ensure a smooth transition.
  • If you would like to stay in your lane for additional time, and there is not another member waiting to enter the lane, feel free to stay in the lane until the member that reserved the lane arrives. If they are late to their scheduled time, you must get out of the pool when they arrive.


To ensure the safest possible environment for our members and staff, we will be limiting club hours upon initial reopening. Click here for current hours.

We are asking all members to maintain a 6-foot distance between themselves and others in the club. We have added floor stickers six feet apart in our lobby for our check in process and separated equipment. Our staff will help members maintain distance as well. We have added floor stickers 8-10 feet apart in the Group Exercise Studios. Studio 1 can now hold 18 participants, while Studio 2 (The Haven) can hold 10 participants & the cycle studio (The Loft) will have 13 bikes available. You will be required to reigster for classes ahead of time.

The Children’s Center will have a capacity of 48 children during each reservation time slot. Members will be asked to make online reservations for your CHILDREN, not the member on the account. Each family can create an account and register through the Alaris software

Children’s Center hours

Currently there are no capacity limitations, but we will enformce online reservations is smaller or enclosed areas of the club where it’s more difficult to physical distance from each other. In order to make sure we do not go over these capacities, members will need to make online reservations for Group Exercise classes in all studios, the indoor & outdoor pool and the Children’s Center. 

Starting Monday, September 14th, the showers will reopen and you will be able to use all areas of the locker rooms, bathrooms & changing rooms. The sauna are now operating.

We ask that you show up ready to exercise with as little as possible – a sweat towel and water. We will not be providing equipment to borrow such as exercise mats or towels, but encourage you to bring your own. You are welcome to bring such things as your own TRX or basketball. We will not be providing towel service. A small quantity of yoga mats will be available for purchase.

Members who use the ClubWorx Basketball Court can check out a basketball or volleyball with a set of keys or license. Since we share the courts with other programs, a court schedule will be available that will outline which times are reserved for pick up games or using the court.

Personal Training will be available upon opening either in person, outdoors, or virtually. We have been busy creating new programming for the Evolve Performance Training sessions. You will need to make a reservation with your trainer. If you would like more information regarding training opportunities, please contact our Fitness Director Deanna Burke at

Non-member guests are allowed at a rate of $15 per day and must fill out a waiver at the front desk and be 18 years & older without a member. Passes cannot be used for the outdoor pool. 

Members are allowed to bring two guests per membership and guests must always be escorted by the member. All guest pricing and age limits can be found here.

Water fountains have currently been upgraded with water bottle filling stations and are turned on. We will continue to sell bottled water if you forget to bring your own.

We have done maintenance to all of our air filters and vents at the club. Our large HVAC units provide fresh air exchange throughout the club above and beyond the State code required. We have improved the air exchange and reduced the humidity in The Loft Cycle Studio during the closure to ensure our members are safe when we can come back and ride!
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