Success Stories

Meagan Blews, 2016 Challenge Winner


“I was going to the gym consistently for a few months prior to the challenge, and making a little (very little) progress. I knew I would do better with accountability and felt the challenge was the perfect opportunity. This whole journey has been as much about the inner transformation as it has the outer. As some of you can probably relate, with my weight struggle came feelings of shame, inadequacy, guilt etc. It has been a lifetime struggle for me, but when I looked in the faces of my husband and my little boy and girl I knew it had to change. I’m not sure I can adequately express how my trainer Herbie Proctor and team Debbie Mangum, Amy Thomson Folkerts, Heather Smith Brameyer, Meghan Lee Blue have impacted that journey. The encouragement, camaraderie, accountability, and genuine support have allowed for more internal healing and external results than I possibly could have imagined and I’m so incredibly thankful. And it was no doubt orchestrated by God who knew my deepest needs. I have been empowered by my trainer and team, by the other challenge members and trainers I’ve met, by the classes and resources we’ve been given, and all the smiling faces I see at the gym regularly. I’m out of my comfort zone and loving every minute of it…even spin class and trying to run a 10min mile. Where I’m at now is I’m a little closer to whole on the inside….and maybe even looking a little better on the outside. Thank you for the opportunity! Love to you all!”