These specialty workshops range from an hour and a half to two hours and are the perfect way to celebrate summer while exploring different genres of yoga. Classes will be held alongside the already diverse ClubWorx Mind Body schedule.

• Arm Balancing • Pre-natal • Alignment • Yoga for PTSD • Restorative • SUP Yoga • Meditation Practice • Partner Yoga

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Have you been curious about how to improve or begin to practice yoga arm balances? Do you think they just look too hard or that there’s just never enough time in class to learn? Well this workshop with Jenny is for YOU! These poses are truly less about strength and flexibility and more about technique and practice. In this workshop, Jenny will teach you several tips and exercises for helping you achieve some of the basic arm balances such as crow, side crow, firefly, and eight angle pose. You will practice going into a few of the poses, but the bulk of the workshop will focus on exercises and tips on how to BUILD your arm balance practice. See you on the mat!


Sunday, August 4, 2019
4:30pm, 1-2 hours

For more information contact Deanna Burke



Members $15, Non-members $25
Limited to 15 participants each date