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Julie Bice Zoril

After leaving a stressful corporate job in 2009, Julie enrolled in a 200-hour (40 hours a week for eight weeks) training program with CorePower Yoga. She taught her first yoga class the weekend after she completed the program.

In 2011, Julie took her first Barre class. She loved how Barre integrated the postural, balance, strength, and mind-boosting benefits of yoga, Pilates, and traditional exercises.  That same year, she earned certification to teach barre through Align Pilates, Minneapolis, MN. Since then, she hasn’t gone more than 2 weeks in a row without teaching a Barre class.

While her barre training was helpful, Julie was left to figure out a lot on her own that first year.  So in 2013, she and a colleague wrote an ebook on how to teach a great barre class called “Preparing For the Barre.” It still sells on Amazon.

Julie authentically delivers classes she’d want to take – carefully planned, set to fun music, with lots of variety of movement. She is passionate about making fitness not something we HAVE to do but something we WANT to do.

Through hundreds of hours of training and almost 15 years of leading classes, Julie is happy to be your guide and cheerleader.

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