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Swim School

ClubWorx has started to offer various levels of Swim School to children ages 3+ twice a week for 45 minutes. ClubWorx will do our best to keep the same instructor with each class all month long, but there are no guarantees.

which class is right for your child?

6 to 18 mths/18mths to 3 yrs, 30 mins
Your child will learn:
– to become comfortable in the water using toys, songs and games
– kicks
– older kids work on climbing in and out of pool
– using floats, assisted
– almost swim alone (2- 3yr olds)
– put their face in water and blow bubbles
– enter and exit the pool independently

3 yrs & up, 45 minutes
Your child will learn:
– to swim alone 2-3 yards
– front and back glide with kick
– back to front roll overs
– to float unassisted

45 minutes
Your child will learn:
– to master floating (front/back. back/front)
– rollovers f/b, b/f, 1/2 length rollover into breathing
– freestyle arms and legs
– elementary backstroke

45 minutes
Your child will learn:
– to swim the width of the pool freestyle
– proper body positions, arms and legs
– side breathing
– backstroke

45 minutes
Your child will learn:
– to swim 25 yrds alone unassisted in freestyle and backstroke
– refine free & back (stroke count from flags to wall)
– intro to breast stroke
– to dive

45 minutes
Your child will learn:
– refinement of free/back/breast
– fly arms and legs
– swimming rule (USA or TSA)
– open turns and flip turns
– endurance, 100 freestyle

Frequently Asked Questions

Our program is a swim school so classes are offered year round.  Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at either 5:00pm or 6:00pm.

Make up classes are not offered.  If a class is cancelled due to weather and Some months have extra days. If classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, make up classes are not offered over 8 classes in the month. We will do our best to make up the class if we fall below 8 classes in one month’s time.

All classes run a 5:1 ratio so each child has ample time in the water and for safety measures.

Please fill out the survey at the top of this webpage to be added to the waitlist.  You can also email Amy Smith at with any questions.  Levels are listed above. Please pick the level you think best fits your child’s ability they will be evaluated on their first night of class to see if they are in the appropriate level.

Members – $99/month

Non-members- $135/month

We will assess your child in the class you have chosen for them on the first night of class to make sure they are in the appropriate level.  We will then test all children at the end of every month to see if they are ready to be promoted to the next level based on specific swim criteria.  If you have any questions about your child’s level please feel free to ask Amy during class time or email her at

Much like you, our swim school instructors can range from parents/teachers/college & high school students themselves so you can feel at ease about the instructor assigned to your child’s class. Many of them swam competitively and they have years of experience in the water. All instructors are Lifeguard and CPR certified. Our program director can give you a more detailed description of your child’s instructor and as always, will place your child based on their needs and personality with a little help from you!

Yes, if your schedule does not permit your child to attend either group session, private lessons are offered that can be arranged with an instructor on your own time. This is great for the the student that would like more instruction than in a group atmosphere, someone practicing for a swim team or any adults for that matter! You can arrange to speak with an instructor about your family’s personal needs by contacting our program director. See more information on private and semi-private lessons here. Participants must be at approximately the same level of ability to participate in a semi-private lesson. To be put on the waitlist please contact Swim Director, Amy Smith, at

ClubWorx is not taking anymore participants for the evening swim school waitlist.

ClubWorx will be offering morning classes this summer.

If you are interested in our summer program, please fill out this survey and you will be added to the waitlist.

Monday & Wednesday at 5:00 or 6:00pm
(starting in May)
Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5:00 or 6:00pm

Tuesday & Thursday 10:30am and 11:15am starting in June. This will be offered in three week increments to mirror trackout schedules.


Members $115 EFT
Non-Members $155 EFT
Acknowledge that there are no refunds and no make up practices for rain outs.

Questions? Contact

Amy Smith

*PLEASE NOTE - when emailing, add to your contacts to ensure correspondence is delivered to your inbox.

Amy is the Director of ClubWorx Swim School as well as the head coach of the ClubWorx Sharx, our year-round swim team. She has been coaching and teaching swimming as well as soccer locally for 10 years and has 20 years of coaching experience. Amy was a two sport athlete in soccer and tennis in college. Amy is also Lifeguard certified.

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