1. All lanes need to have a reservation to exercise or swim. Visit the registration portal to reserve your time. Reservations will be available two weeks in advance.
  2. All members are allowed to reserve up to 1 hour per day.
  3. Please only book one half of a shared lane, not both to make room for more swimmers.
  4. Families are welcome to come swim in the indoor pool in one lane as long as it’s not a shared lane. Please check the schedule for open swim times.
  5. Please cancel your lane reservation if you are not going to use it. You can cancel up to two hours prior to the event or by calling the front desk at 919-567-3400.
  6. You are allowed to stay in your lane if the next reservation does not arrive. Please be mindful and exit the pool immediately if the reservation shows up.
  7. When exiting the pool to use the steps, please make sure to not cut off a swimmer when crossing lanes.
  • If you are trying to reserve a particular time that is booked, add your name to the waitlist of the particular time on all available lanes. This will increase your chances of getting into one.
  • If and when you receive a waitlist email, click book and you will be taken to book your time. Please note, it will email everyone on the wait list and it is first come, first serve who replies to the email first.

For any questions or concerns, please email Amy Smith at asmith@clubworx.net.


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