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3 Great Christmas Workouts From Home

You can‘t sneak away, but you need a workout more then ever. Holiday chaos is fun but stressful, and you need a mental relief. The cookies and ‘nog are calling your name, and you need a good calorie burn. You finally have a little extra time on your hands but nowhere to go workout.

Here are 4 great workouts you can do during the holidays, which require NO equipment!

Workout: 1. Density Circuit


What is it? Select four compound exercises (that either target all the same muscle or a plethora of different ones), a rep scheme, and a time limit.

Best for? Density circuits work great when you only have bodyweight to work with. Aim to have the most metabolically challenging and technical exercise as the first in the circuit.

Sweat Rating: 7/10 (but you can scale it!) 

For example:

  • Bodyweight Squats x 25 ( learn how to do a proper air squat: CLICK HERE)
  • Push Ups x 20 (learn how to do a proper pushup: CLICK HERE)
  • Single Leg Hip Thrusts x 15 (per leg) (learn how to do a leg hip thrust: CLICK HERE)
  • Pike Pushups x 10 (lear how to do a pike pushup: CLICK HERE)

Repeat for 10 minutes, resting as necessary.

Workout 2: Yoga With Adriene


What is it? A 40-minute vinyasa flow with YouTube yoga star Adriene.

Best For? Yogis will love Adriene’s easy to follow session that focuses on breath work to help calm frazzled nerves.

Sweat Rating: 5/10 – A surprisingly challenging set of asanas will boost endorphins and set you up for the day.

Workout 3: Cardio Blast


What is it? 4 Rounds for time cardio blast that Christmas Eve/Christmas Day food away!

Best for? Anyone who wants to move and has limited space and/or time

Sweat Rating: 8/10

Run with high knees for 15 seconds and drop into a push-up, get back up and run with high knees again for 15 seconds – 5 rounds. Each push-up counts as 1 round. Rest. Do 3 more rounds (Total 4 rounds)

Whatever you decide to do, keep moving and happy holidays!

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