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Here at ClubWorx, our goal is to coach you to become something more: to train you with purpose, to push you to your maximum potential and to help you develop the best version of yourself.

Our Premium Group Training program is designed to help members like you tap into their greatest potential.
Discover your greatest self with our Premium Group Training program.
Pay one price and join multiple disciplines each week!

Members Single Month - 4 classes/mth $78, 8 classes/mth $139
Member EFT* - 4 classes/mth $65, 8 classes/mth $112, 12 classes/mth $139, Unlimited $155

Non-member Single Month - 4 classes/mth $108, 8 classes/mth $169
Non-member EFT* - 4 classes/mth $95, 8 classes/mth $142, 12 classes/mth $169

Premium Small Group Training Drop In
Member $20, Non-member $30

SGX Workshop Drop In $20

*Based on minimum 3 month EFT contract. Month to month pricing also available.

Train with Spartan SGX Coach, Katina Gad, she has experience gained from racing 20+ obstacle course races over the last few years, and coaching athletes from beginner to elite level, Katina can help you prepare for your first or your best obstacle race yet. Improve your speed and challenge yourself to a new workout where your grip strength, muscular strength and endurance, and cardiovascular fitness will be put to the test. All fitness levels are welcome.


This is a great class for women who want to learn more about how to properly set up a weight training program for themselves and learn more about proper weight training techniques. This is an entry level class and great for the client that is looking to improve their strength

We must build a solid foundation of strength before we progress to more advanced movements. Our strength training program provides a scientific approach to building a strong and stabile foundation. Move better and feel better after taking this class.
In this class you will learn how to push your aerobic training zone to help make you’re body a more efficient fat burning machine. You will also learn how using free weights and other pieces of training equipment can help you increase stamina/endurance and core strength.
This class is more advanced than our level 1 and will focus on high intensity cardio interval to push your aerobic training zone along with body and free weight exercises that will maintain fat burning potential in a 1 hour class.
TRX Sculpt is a body weight class that is safe and effective for people at all levels of training. All exercises are designed to displace your center of gravity, thus activating your core musculature during every exercise while you are improving Movility,Flexibility, Strength or Endurance, TRX has it All!
Battle ropes provide a super intense, high calorie fat burning fitness experience. You will get a killer conditioning workout all while strengthening your shoulders, arms, core, and legs all in one. Using these ropes doesn't strain your body the way high-impact activities do.
Your Core and Balance are crucial when it comes to developing a strong and stable body. This class will challenge your balance, proprioception, and coordination as well as building a strong and stable core.
These sessions designed to improve your strength, endurance, balance, and cognitive thinking. Your body and mind will be challenged as we work to help keep you moving, performing, and improving your basic activities of daily living. This group is aimed toward ages 55 and older, or anyone who needs extra support starting their fitness journey.

For more information contact Kyle Bergman, CSCS, RSCC, FMS