Lisa Frey

Hello, my name is Lisa Frey. You may recognize me as I have been a member here at Clubworx for 19 years. I have also been teaching Group Exercise classes here for the last 10 years.

I started working in the healthcare field in 1991 when I received my BS degree in Physical Therapy with a concentration in Sports and Exercise Science. During my career, my specialty was in orthopedics and sports medicine. While I loved that, I also enjoyed my own personal 5x/week workouts and decided that I was going to transition from rehabilitation to the fitness side of healthcare. That is when I began teaching here as a Group Exercise Instructor. My classes have included Fit Strength, Fit Intervals, Intense, Core Classes, Circuit training and 20/20/20.

I have really enjoyed teaching my group exercise classes, but I’ve also had a desire to further my journey in the fitness industry. In 2019, I took that step and received my certification in personal training from NASM. I am so excited to get started. I will continue my group classes but am looking forward to helping you improve your fitness through individual personal training, small groups, or coaching you in our awesome Premium Group Training in the garage.

What is my style?? Friendly but focused and tough. I want you to be YOUR best. When you choose me as your personal trainer, I will listen to you, educate you, push you, and encourage you all the way. Everyone’s goals are different, so I will give you a specific plan with a variety of exercises. Because of my physical therapy background, one of my strengths is program development.

Let’s get started so that you can be fit, strong and healthy. That is MY goal for you.
Credentials: BS in Physical Therapy SUNY Buffalo 1991, AFFA Certified Group Exercise Instructor 2009, NASM Certified Personal Trainer 2019

Tel.: 919-567-3400