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Self Defense Workshop

2-Hour WORKSHOP | AGES 16+

The first, and probably most important, principle in any self-defence scenario is to have good situational awareness. You need to not panic and quickly analyze what is going on. Continuous scenario training gets people used to the idea of being in a physical fight with another person without the fear of being punched or kicked. Overcoming that fear and anxiety of being engaged in a physical confrontation with another person is the first step in preparing you for a real-life self-defense scenario.

Learn what to do in 8 of the most common Self Defense Scenarios:

What if someone…

1. Tries to punch you?
2. Tries to choke you from the front?
3. Puts you in a headlock?
4. Tries to choke you from behind?
5. Bear hugs you from behind?
6. Tries to tackle you?
7. Is mounted on top of you?
8. Is standing over you while you’re on the ground?