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Skills and Drills: An Interview with Julianne Cohen

Julianne Cohen Heads up Skills Drills at ClubWorx

Skills & Drills classes at ClubWorx provide children with a wonderful outlet.  We sat down to have a chat and learn more about Julianne Cohen who heads up the program.

What do you teach at ClubWorx?

I have worked at Clubworx for 4 1/2 years in the childcare center and teaching skills and drills.

Whats your background?

I’m a 48 year old California Native. I studied Journalism at SJSU married soon after graduation and started having babies.  Hayley,24 Evan, 21 Grayson, 17 and Liam 6.  I studied personal training and became a nutritionist from Arizona State online. My husband’s job in the Army brought us to NC. 

Why do you like teaching Skills & Drills?

Skills and drills is meant to get the children moving. I have them stretch and run, we play organized games which helps teach cooperation. They learn to play fairly and engage with other children in a fun and competitive way.  

Whats the most rewarding part of teaching?

I’m not a sideline teacher, I get in there with them I always play with them, often being flag guarder for Capture The Flag or anchor in the relay races.

Tell us a funny story about something that has happened during class

We share the basketball court with members who are playing basketball.  Often times, I ask them to join us in a game of kickball or cross the ocean. The children LOVE it when the FV Fire Dept. plays with us.

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