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Kaitlin Crehan

Kaitlin is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, wife and a loving mother of three. She became a Health Coach to fulfill her desire to work with teens and women looking to have a better relationship with food and their body image. As a former athlete and someone who dealt with body image issues in her […]

Deanna Burke

Hi Fam! My name is Deanna Burke, originally from Upstate New York and Boston areas, I’ve been here at ClubWorx for over 18 years. I’ve worked in all facets of the club but pride myself on being Group Exercise Director to our amazing program filled with the best instructors and most loyal members. Athletics has […]

Julie Bice Zoril

After leaving a stressful corporate job in 2009, Julie enrolled in a 200-hour (40 hours a week for eight weeks) training program with CorePower Yoga. She taught her first yoga class the weekend after she completed the program. In 2011, Julie took her first Barre class. She loved how Barre integrated the postural, balance, strength, […]

Kristin Poe

Clubworx has been a part of my life since 2007. It feels more like family than just a gym. I became a SPRINT instructor in 2017 because I enjoy sharing my love for exercise and working past our limits to become stronger together.

Sherri Peck

Teaching Water Aerobics and Balance and Coordination, my role at ClubWorx is to motivate, support, and provide education. I love helping people to work toward their goals while having FUN! I have been at Clubworx for 7 years and I love doing TRX, swimming, biking, hiking, and walking my dogs. I have participated in many […]

Shwetha Ramanathan

Shwetha loves yoga, and her classes will make you fall in love with it too. She is inspired to guide students through a practice of mindful self-exploration to cultivate strength, focus, and inner harmony. Breathwork for relaxation and connection, great music, and light, heartfelt philosophy enriches her classes. Her favorite things about teaching at ClubWorx […]

Kim Chaves

Originally from NC, the military brought my husband and I back to our home state. I started my sprint journey 4 years ago in Columbus, GA. I fell in love with the class and format in Tennessee when I accidentally went to a class and experienced how challenging it was. The ClubWorx members always bring […]

Juli Conlon

Julianna “Juli” or “Jules” is a passionate yoga instructor hailing from Wilson, NC, who has called Raleigh home since 2010. Her journey into the world of yoga began approximately nine years ago when she discovered hot yoga. Since then, yoga has become a transformative practice for her, helping her manage anxiety, gain new perspectives on […]

Corrin Carhart

Corrin is an E-RYT500, (experienced, registered with Yoga Alliance, yoga teacher). She was drawn to yoga when she had an injury that was only helped by yoga. At that time, she really jumped into her own practice and then decided to start yoga teacher training to try to help others. At ClubWorx she teaches – […]

Amy Rifkin-Marks

Amy Rifkin-Marks is a dedicated Mat Pilates instructor with a passion for promoting holistic wellness. With years of experience, she combines her expertise in Pilates principles with a personalized approach to help clients enhance their strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. Amy’s classes focus on precision, control, and mindful movement, creating a positive and empowering environment […]

Taylor Graham

My name is Taylor Graham and I have been teaching Group Exercise since 2005. I absolutely love it! Building relationships with members and partnering with you to challenge your workout gives me so much personal energy and motivation! I have been with ClubWorx since 2013 coined the nickname ‘Burpee Queen’. I make it a goal […]

Betsey Anderson

Hi fitness friends! My name is Betsey Anderson. I’m mom to three awesome kids who keep me very busy! My time teaching and working out at ClubWorx helps keep me active and full of the energy I need to keep up with all of the demands of daily life. I currently teach RPM and BodyPump.

Erin Ramsey

My name is Erin Ramsey and I’ve been a Zumba instructor since 2007. I love teaching Zumba; it celebrates my love of the Spanish language, dancing & bringing people together. I always say that I have only two requirements in class; breathing & smiling! Come join the party and our Zumba family.

Gaby Moreno

My name is Gabriela Moreno, I am a NASM certified personal trainer. My experience is based on strength training for women and I would love to train with you so that you can enjoy the process and be aware of everything your body can achieve WARRIOR! I always say “challenge your body and change your […]

Adrienne Burdine

I fell in love with Group Exercise at Clubworx, never having taken a class before I joined the gym. I enjoyed it so much I became an instructor, starting with Body Balance, adding Body Pump, Born to Move and LM Barre. The instructors and staff here create a positive and inclusive environment that keeps me […]

Heidi Maya

Heidi has been teaching BodyBalance, BodyPump, Core, and yoga at ClubWorx for over 10 years. Heidi also works in our Member Services Department. Born in Trenton, NJ, Heidi grew up in Arlington, VA and now lives in Apex. She is married, has two sons, and a super cute dog named Buzz. Beyond working out, she […]

Stacey Beard

Hello everyone! I have been teaching group exercise classes for over 30 years. I have been an instructor at Clubworx since its doors opened. I love this club and the special sense of community Clubworx holds. My favorite part of being an instructor is helping others feel better both physically and mentally. I also enjoy […]

Member Service Team Member

ClubWorx is seeking an energetic team member to join our Member Services Team.  This team member is responsible for checking members in to the club, answering the telephones, assisting our members with questions and scheduling.  This individual will also be responsible for, but not limited to, making smoothies, acai bowls, stocking, light cleaning.  Skills needed […]

Meditation: Why Try It?

What’s the Bottom Line? How much do we know about meditation? Many studies have been conducted to look at how meditation may be helpful for a variety of conditions, such as high blood pressure, certain psychological disorders, and pain. A number of studies also have helped researchers learn how meditation might work and how it affects the brain. What do […]

Never crave naughty foods again (here’s how)

You wake up each morning with every intention of eating “good” today. You’ll skip the drive thru line on your way to work. You’ll refuse to get fast food with co-workers at lunch. You’ll boycott the vending machine in the mid-afternoon. And you won’t even think about having dessert after dinner. But then your cravings […]

5 Sneaky Ways to Burn Calories at Work

You may think the 30 minutes you spend every other day in the gym is enough to keep you trim and healthy, but it’s not. If you want overall good health, you need to eat well and find windows of exercising opportunity every day—not just during your scheduled workouts. How can you squeeze in a […]

Don’t Believe These Three Supplement Myths

If you could live a longer, healthier life by taking a small pill each day, you’d do it wouldn’t you? You’d be crazy not to! With this fact in mind, the incredible growth of dietary supplements makes sense. It’s estimated one out of every three Americans currently takes some sort of nutritional supplement each day. […]

Open for Motivation!

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to get to exercise, allow these seven reasons to inspire you to get moving… Exercise Because —Your Body Works It may seem like an odd reason to work out, but the fact that you can work out ought to inspire you to do so. After all, there are […]

Your Holiday Survival Strategy

There’s no denying that the holidays have arrived. Lights have been strung, gifts are being wrapped and holiday treats are everywhere. It’s no secret that most people gain 5 to 10 pounds over the 2 months. With all the parties, special meals, and edible gifts, weight gain is pretty much inevitable…right? Not so fast. We’ve […]


  Who is your tribe? Many years ago our ancestors belonged to tribes, and although we don’t live in tribes anymore we still have a instinctive need to be connected. Did you know that a sense of belonging to a greater community improves your motivation,health & happiness? What will you do today to feel more […]

These foods have hidden sugars

So many common foods secretly contain loads of sugar. This is a problem since eating an excess of sugar derails your fitness progress and quickly leads to an increase in body fat, and recent studies are proving that sugar is even more dangerous than we once thought. Your risk of heart attack doubles when 20 […]

8 Tips to Maximize Your Time At the Gym

Do you regularly push yourself to the limit? Do you feel the burn with each rep? Do you have nothing left to give when it’s over? Or would you describe your routine more like a comfortable trot? Do you coast along, breaking a respectable sweat while doing the same old thing? Since you are spending […]

Want Your Kids to Eat Healthy?

Our kids are eating too much junk. And who can blame them? Junk food tastes great. The good news is that healthy food also tastes great. Here are simple ways to help your kids eat healthier: 1) Choose Whole Foods Processed foods are the biggest problem with our modern diet. Packaged and refined food products […]

The POWER of Habit

John Dryden famously said, “We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” Confucius said, “Men’s natures are alike; it is their habits that separate them.” And Aristotle noticed that “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” It’s pretty clear that the habits you adopt […]

No-fail fat loss plan (in time for summer)

Ready for summer? Warmer weather, shorts, tank tops and bathing suits are just around the corner. Are you ready for it? What if you spent the next 30 days dropping excess pounds and getting into better shape before hitting the beach? Then you could ride out the summer months fitter than ever and more likely […]

Your sweet tooth has gotten you into trouble.

Just think of the clean eating streaks that you’ve abandoned for a slice of cake, and all of the extra calories you’ve eaten just to have a taste of something sweet before bed. Where’s that sweet tooth gotten you? Into pants that are another size larger. Into your doctor’s office for another lecture. Into a […]

Want to shape up for summer? Eat at home.

In today’s fast-paced world we consume over 30% of our daily calories away from home. These less-than-wholesome calories are accumulating around our waists and draining our bank accounts. So why do we eat out and shun the kitchen? Simple: convenience. We don’t have the time to toil away over a hot stove. However, the evidence […]

Foodie Fitness: Glazed Salmon

Who says that your protein+veggies dinner should be boring and tasteless? Forget that! Here’s a protein-packed dinner recipe that has amazing flavor! Salmon is full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins, so this is a dinner that you can feel great about eating. Increase the nutrition content of the meal even more by […]

The one thing you’re missing

There is one reason why most people haven’t yet reached their goals, and it’s a simple one. It’s something that I’ve struggled in the past, and it just may be the one thing that’s holding you back from your big breakthrough. That one thing is consistency. Think about it. The difference that separates a fitness star […]

The only trend that matters

Do you keep up with new trends in the world of fitness? There always seems to be a headline proclaiming the latest and greatest trend, each promising to be the solution that you’ve always needed. Of course, these trends pass with the seasons, quickly being replaced with something newer and more popular. Today I’d like […]

Today Is a Big Deal

You woke up this morning and began making choices. You chose whether or not to exercise, to eat a healthy breakfast, or to do something productive. You chose whether or not to eat that donut, to sleep in, or to watch an extra hour of TV. At the end of each day the sum of […]

Have a goal? Here’s how to meet it.

Do you have a specific fitness goal that you are hoping to achieve? This goal could be a number on the scale, or a clothing size. Or maybe you are hoping to wear a certain cut or style of clothes like strappy tank tops, shorts, or a bathing suit. While having this goal is great, […]

Nutrition: Paleo Overview with Joshua Broome

By: Josh Broome, Owner CrossFit Pathway within ClubWorx Effective, lifelong fat loss is easy with the right food choices. I recommend the majority of your meals look something like this: • 4-8 oz of protein such as chicken, beef, turkey, pork loin or seafood. • Then add several servings of multicolored vegetables, either raw, steamed […]

3 Great Christmas Workouts From Home

You can‘t sneak away, but you need a workout more then ever. Holiday chaos is fun but stressful, and you need a mental relief. The cookies and ‘nog are calling your name, and you need a good calorie burn. You finally have a little extra time on your hands but nowhere to go workout. Here are 4 great workouts you can do during […]

Skills and Drills: An Interview with Julianne Cohen

Skills & Drills classes at ClubWorx provide children with a wonderful outlet.  We sat down to have a chat and learn more about Julianne Cohen who heads up the program. What do you teach at ClubWorx? I have worked at Clubworx for 4 1/2 years in the childcare center and teaching skills and drills. Whats your background? I’m […]

This Holiday Season, Eat Mindfully, Not Mindlessly

It’s the holidays and for most Americans, that means eating – lots of eating – followed by weight gain and a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. But why not take a healthier approach to what we eat during this holiday season and beyond? According to a recent website survey, about 18 percent of people say […]

Swim lessons in the winter? Why does my child need this?

When you think of enrolling your child in swimming lessons, what comes to mind? Do you think about long summer days watching your child splash happily in the pool or cheering them on as they swim in their first race? Maybe you think about spending summers at the lake or beach and watching your child […]

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